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SpaTree has developed Wellbeing in the Heart of Nature- programmes for kids. The experiences these young people will have during their travels, will bring us closer to a more sustainable way of tourism. In the end, these young consumers are the travelers of the future!
Dedication to the cause of the environment & its preservation will have a lasting impact on how our younger generations feel more connected to ecosystems and the world around them.

Five benefits of sustainable tourism for kids:

1. Learning about wildlife: allows these kids to understand basic fundamentals of birds, insects, animals and plants of the region or specific location. 

2. Raising awareness on environmental degradation: A very important component of ecotourism for kids is to raise awareness to future consumers on how to minimize waste, soil
    erosion, air and water pollution so as not to disturb the environment. While being actively involved through hands-on experiences, these experiences will remain in the child’s memory
    and influence their future way of travelling.

3. Participating in conservation efforts; allows a deep understanding of the fragility of the natural world.

4. Focusing on depletion of natural resources: Whether it is learning about how countries are incorporating renewable energies or how an eco-lodge harnesses solar or wind power for
    its operations - ecotourism for kids teaches how the impact of tourism is affecting the sustainable development of resources.

5. Exposure to culture: From learning new languages and cultures to tasting new foods, sustainable tourism for kids promotes the protection of different cultural traditions and
    experiences that provide a lasting global vision for children.

Wellbeing concepts in the Heart of Nature-  for Wellness & Hospitality.

SpaTree- The Netherlands.

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