Sleeping under the stars;  luxury resort lodge

Our bamboo lodges make your guests feel at home, while being in the midst of nature.

  • the inner tent is made of high quality canvas, all weather resistant, protects against the sun, wind and rain
  • the canvas tent can be zipped open and rolled up to  create an airy bamboo lodge
  • under different weather conditions the tent can be zipped and closed



  • Comfort and Luxury should go hand-in-hand with being eco-sensitive. That’s why we designed our luxury bamboo lodges to have the lowest possible impact on the environment according to the ‘Cradle to Cradle’ principle.

    The use of bamboo highly reduces the greenhouse effect and climate change. It grows exceptionally quick without the need for fertilizer, pesticides or much water.

    Bamboo absorbs up to five times more carbon dioxide and releases 35% more oxygen into the atmosphere than an equivalent type of hardwood.
    The textile for the roof is 100% recyclable.


  • the luxury of having your own outdoor shower.

    Each lodge can have it's own in- or outdoor bathroom & toilet.
    We work closely with our clients during the design process to create a style that perfectly fits your requirements.


  • Cool sustainability; installing a bamboo fan inside the lodge


  • the possibility of having a wood burner to create a warm and cozy atmosphere


  • the canvas tent is available in the colors off-white and sand 


  • Go green, go solar!


  • Flooring, plumbing and solar will be organized locally. This saves costly labor and transport.
  • Once the basics are completed, the lodge will be set up
  • duration setting up the lodge: 1-3 days

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