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SpaTree is interested in the cultural environment of a Spa resort/hotel. While creating wellbeing concepts, we look at what we have around us; what is available from the natural surroundings..... Can we work with local farmers... producers?
We focus on the 
healing culture of a region, we study it and need to explore it. Only in that way, a Wellbeing journey will always be unique and authentic.



If you would like to experience the healing ways of Spa in Nature, we are here to create wellbeing concepts for your Spa. Each concept will be created to our clients' unique needs.


 Alpine Nature Therapy:

  • Mountain meditation
  • Alpine honey & crystals body polish
  • Fresh valley juices from local farmers
  • Herbal hay bath harvested by local farmers
  • Herbal oil massage with rosemary & gentian root
  • Soothing foot therapy with chamomile



Hammam Desert Therapy:

  • Mint & Honey body polish ritual
  • Black olive soap massage
  • Arabian desert massage with cupping
  • Cooling head therapy with rosewater and lavender mask



Northern Lights therapy based on the four elements; earth, water, air and fire

  • Walks in fresh air, magical glacial lagoon
  • therapeutic hot spring and thermal bath
  • Body polish with lava salt and thyme
  • Sleeping in the Lodge- complete darkness, breathtaking northern lights
  • Campfire with local saga's 
  • Birch steam and sauna therapy


Ayurvedic therapy

  • Oxygen healing (forest/ sea side/garden)
  • Bindi touch
  • Purifying cleansing body mask
  • Healing abhyanga massage
  • Aamla hair therapy
  • Ayurvedic head massage




    Indigenous Rain Forest healing

  • Shamanic Soul Coaching
  • Healing waters cleansing ritual
  • Soul travel; create your own massage oils
  • Sage cleansing: burning sage as one of the oldest and purest methods of cleansing
  • Movement and sound: shamanic drum journey

 Credits: www.mysachaji.com


SpaTree offers training in outdoor wellbeing concepts:

  • Alpine Nature healing
  • Hammam desert therapy
  • Northern lights therapy
  • Rain forest healing
  • Soultree Ayurvedic therapy
  • or a new Spa concept will be developed on request. 

A training period usually takes two weeks and will be conducted on-site, with a minimum number of 6 staff members and a maximum of 14.

During the course, each member will receive a well documented manual. After completing the course, they will receive a SpaTree Certificate.



Trainers with SpaTree are diploma-certified trainers and have a thorough background in Spa training on an International level.

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