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 Bringing the Spa back to Nature

                                                                                             SpaTree creates  Outdoor Spa concepts for the Luxury Spa & Hospitality market.

Luxury Spa Lodge: instead of having the spa tucked away behind concrete walls, we have designed wonderful Spa Lodges to bring a spa experience back to the heart of nature; what is better than the calming sound of a river during a treatment, a stunning view from a mountain top, to hear the rain falling on the canvas, or the healing sound of lapping sea waves during a massage?- it all contributes to relax body, mind & soul in prefect harmony with the natural environment. Our stunning and eco-friendly designs are leading to a new way to Spa; in the outdoors and back to nature.
At the core of our business lies the aspect of sustainability: while creating unique experiences, we strive to do so while leaving the lightest possible footprint

on the eco-system and local communities. 

Outdoor Wellbeing Concepts: SpaTree has created wellbeing concepts which are close to nature and perfectly fit into the concept of an Outdoor Spa. After all, reconnecting with oneself & the earth can only be achieved while being at the heart of it!

Wellbeing Concepts & Training: The concepts developed by SpaTree are also given as training course for spa resorts and hotels. Depending on the location of a spa; near the beach, a hill area or located in a desert climate- the wellbeing concepts reflect location and culture.



While creating the Lodge, the aspect of sustainability was at the core in selecting building materials. The Spa Lodge is made of bamboo, which is one of the most environmentally friendly materials available. It grows exceptionally quick, without the need for fertilizer, pesticide or much water.

Outdoor wellbeing concepts

The wellbeing concepts created by SpaTree are based in the outdoors, since nature & wellbeing go hand-in-hand; the closer one gets to nature, the more healing and wellbeing can take place. 

Outdoor Concepts in Luxury Hospitality & Spa

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