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Guest experiences
We create wellbeing experiences that tell stories.
Whether it's a wellbeing retreat, a cultural heritage, a (pop-up) glamping, a wellness resort or a wellbeing destination-  we use the natural & cultural environment to tell yours.
The aspects of nature & wellbeing are important factors in hospitality; travelers are looking for unique experiences that connects nature with wellbeing and authenticity.

All wellbeing experiences designed by SpaTree are based in the outdoors. 

To do this, we employ a holistic approach to wellbeing that incorporates all aspects of feeling well and staying well; emotional-, psychological- &  physical wellbeing.

To create a new concept for your property - it depends on the power of great storytelling and it's unique ability to build emotional relationships with your guests. 

At SpaTree we believe a s
trong concept is not just a way of doing business. It is a mission to work with and to keep guests attached to your brand.

Our Concepts:  based in the outdoors, reconnecting with oneself & the earth can only be achieved while being at the heart of it.

Our Mission:  nature.  authenticity.  holistic wellbeing.  cultural sensitive.  connecting with local communities.   

Eco Spa Lodge
Instead of having the Spa tucked away behind concrete walls, in cooperation with Mocadazu in The Netherlands, we have designed wonderful Spa lodges to bring a spa experience back to the heart of nature; what is better than the calming sound of a river during a treatment, a stunning view from a mountain top, to hear the rain falling on the canvas, or the healing sound of lapping sea waves during a spa treatment? It all contributes to relax body, mind & soul in perfect harmony with the natural environment.


Our eco-friendly designs are leading to a new way to Wellness & Spa; back to nature and in the outdoors. At the core of our business lies the aspect of sustainability: while creating unique experiences, we strive to do so while leaving the lightest footprint on the eco-system.


For more info about our Eco Spa Lodges, pls. feel free to contact SpaTree via email: info@spatree.eu

Wellbeing concepts in the Heart of Nature-  for Wellness & Hospitality.

SpaTree- The Netherlands.

E-mail us | info@spatree.eu

 Stay connected with nature. Stay connected with SpaTree!   
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