wellbeing concepts in the Heart of nature

for: wellbeing retreats-  cultural heritage-  glamping-  wellness resorts- wellbeing destinations

Connecting with nature supports multiple areas of wellbeing; we feel happier, healthier and we function better. Nature allows us to disconnect from
all the 'noise' and to re-connect with ourselves & the world around us.

SpaTree works from a holistic approach to wellbeing  with'nature' as a backbone. Our concepts are developed to be physically and mentally well.

Holistic Wellbeing is based on 4 pillars:

1. Social wellbeing

2. Physical wellbeing
3. Emotional wellbeing
4. Psychological wellbeing

Stages in Concept Development:

We focus on the healing culture of your region, study it and explore it. We are interested in the natural and cultural environment of a property. While creating wellbeing concepts, we look at what we have around us and what is available from the natural surroundings.  Is there an opportunity to work with local farmers, producers and communities? Only in that way, a wellbeing journey will always be unique and strongly connected with your Brand.

By our expertise in storytelling, we are able to create immersive experiences which are honest and authentic.

All data gathered during the CONTENT process will be implemented through strong  STORYTELLING, visible at every department of a property, not as a stand-alone concept.
By in-house training at your property we will focus on how to effectively implement the new wellbeing concepts.

The concept will be evaluated; we will look for possible ways to improve and adjust the new concept according your needs.

Feel free to contact SpaTree for further information:  info@spatree.eu


This video shows possibilities about nature based experiences for the hospitality market.

Wellbeing concepts in the Heart of Nature-  for Wellness & Hospitality.

SpaTree- The Netherlands.

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