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Comfort and Luxury should go hand-in-hand with being eco-sensitive. That’s why we designed our luxury bamboo lodges to have the lowest possible impact on the environment according to the ‘Cradle to Cradle’ principle. The use of bamboo highly reduces the greenhouse effect and climate change. It grows exceptionally quick without the need for fertilizer, pesticides or much water. Bamboo absorbs up to five times more carbon dioxide and releases 35% more oxygen into the atmosphere than an equivalent type of hardwood.
The textile for the roof is 100% recyclable.



 Whether you would like to have a Spa Lodge near the pool side, along a river stream or hidden in the woods- our lodges deliver a unique experience to your guests. The lodges are never mass produced, but are carefully crafted with the highest quality materials, they are built to be tested by time and harsh weather conditions. We work closely with Mocadazu, a company specialized in building bamboo lodges and tents for the Luxury market. The lodge is built with natural materials such as canvas and bamboo. Besides using the Lodge as a Spa, it is also  possible to use it as a wonderful Yoga Lodge or as Luxury Sleeping Lodges for Canvas Camps, Safari Resorts, Glamping locations, Healing Resorts etc.

Lower purchase price: While traditional building is time consuming and expensive, our lodges allow your business to start within weeks. Relative to building with bricks and mortar, there are no hidden costs that will suddenly add up- impacting the total cost of your acquisition. 

New way of revenue: the dynamic nature of our Spa Lodges open up new ways of business; they can be placed in unused areas, offering an innovative and unique Spa concept to your guests in a low-risk way.  A lodge also helps to fit in more guests when the main Spa is at full capacity. 

Cool weather conditions: not every resort is located on a Bounty island with swaying palm trees. Our Spa Lodge can be perfectly used in a cooler climate too. The installment of a wood burner makes it an incredible cozy place for your guests. 







  • The Spa Lodge is extremely solid, strong and water resistant. 
  • The frame is made of light brown Guadua bamboo, which is the most sustainable material to work with. It is known as the strongest bamboo species in the world, and it is perfectly suitable for constructions.  
  • Size inner tent: 3,5 m x 5 m
  • Height: 3,20m
  • The inner tent is made of white high quality fabric, all weather resistant and protects against sun, wind and rain. 


  • By using the strongest type of bamboo (Guadua) a long lifetime of the Spa Lodge is ensured.
  • The canvas tent can be zipped open and rolled up to create an airy bamboo lodge.
  • Under different weather conditions  the tent can be zipped and closed.
  • A water basin can be placed inside the lodge.
  • In a cooler climate, it is possible to install a wood burner to create a warm and cozy atmosphere.
  • The Spa Lodge has successfully passed an intense period of testing in different weather conditions such as rain and storm.



  • The wood burner is a professional Orland-outdoors heater. Safe and extensively tested for working or sleeping under canvas.



  • Each Spa Lodge can have it's own open-air shower.
  • We work closely with our clients during the design process, to create a style that perfectly fits your requirements.

Going Green

the easy and sustainable way to install solar near the Spa Lodge


  • The canvas is available in white and sand color.

Setting up the Spa Lodge

  • Flooring, plumbing and solar will be organized locally
  • Once the basics are completed, the lodge will be set up in 1-3 days

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